Dog Aggression Training

Signs of dog aggression should never be ignored. In fact, at the very first sign that your dog may be showing such signs, you should seek ways to implement dog aggression training. The problem never solves itself, and left unattended to, can allow a tragedy to occur.

Below are some tips and information about training aggressive dogs.

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Fix It

Many people who own an unaltered animal do not realize that simply having their dog spayed or neutered may be all it takes to solve an aggression problem. Also, dogs that are altered will tend to lose much of the desire to wander from home.

That does not mean that if you have your aggressive dog spayed or neutered that you should then assume the problem is solved. Instead, you should continue to closely monitor the animal to be sure that the surgery did, in fact, stop the aggressive behavior.

Pay a Pro

Professional trainers can work wonders with dogs struggling with all kinds of behavioral issues, including showing signs of aggression. The key is that you need to find a trainer who has a lot of experience working specifically with dogs that are aggressive.

When looking for a professional for dog aggression training, it is a good idea to call some of his past clients to talk about the level of results that were achieved.

Once you find a qualified professional, he will likely start by evaluating your dog. The purpose of this is to determine the level of aggression, what the triggers are and to see if he may even be able to pinpoint a cause for the behavior.

This will help him develop a dogs training program that will give the best chance for success. It is important that you also be involved in the training, and that you follow all of the instructions that the trainer gives you.

The results that some trainers can achieve are truly remarkable. Again, finding the right trainer is very important, so do some research to make sure you hire a trainer with the appropriate experience.

Don’t Take Chances

If you have noticed that certain situations or events set off the aggressive behavior in your dog, you should take every possible step to avoid them. For example, if being around other dogs makes your pet act aggressively, then you should not be going to the dog parks (dog on dog aggression can turn into a pretty ugly scene).

Just because your dog has never bitten anyone does not mean he never will. Aggressive behavior should be viewed as a warning sign that your dog is likely to attack. Ignoring those warning signs is both foolish and irresponsible.

See a Vet

Some pet owners are very surprised to learn that some aggressive behavior is the result of a medical problem. When some dogs are in pain, they react aggressively. You should especially consider that the aggression may be due to a medical condition if the behavior came on suddenly.

Pay a visit to your vet in order to rule out any possible medical causes. The solution to your dog’s behavior problems may be in treatment for a physical ailment.

Do it Yourself?

Some pet owners want to try and handle dog aggression training on their own. Unless you have specific skills and experience in this area, it is not a good idea. Remember, failing to help your dog lose his aggressive tendencies can result in a tragedy.

Dog aggression training is too large of a problem to try and handle without the help of a professional.

Do not make the mistake of ignoring even the first sign of dog aggression. The sooner you seek help, the less likely a tragedy is to take place.

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