Dog Eye Problems

There are several common dog eye problems. Sometimes, pet owners fail to recognize the symptoms of such problems causing treatment to be delayed.

Below is a list of common symptoms for eye problems followed by a list of some of the most common of them.


The symptoms will, obviously, vary based on which type of eye problem your dog is experiencing. The symptoms listed below could be indicative of a number of problems and should not be ignored.

• Redness in and around the eye
• Excessive tearing
• Dog appears to be trying to rub his eyes. This could be with his paw or by rubbing his face on the floor
• Dog avoids looking at light
• Tendency to keep eyes closed
• Discharge from the eyes

Next is the list of some of the most common dog eye problems.


An infection in your dog’s eyes can be caused by several factors. There are many types of infections and some are more easily treated than others. In all cases, it is important to get treatment started right away.

If you notice the eyes look inflamed or red, that could be a sign of infection. You should pay a visit to the vet right away so that he can recommend which course of treatment would be best.

This might include eye drops and/or oral medication.

Irritated Eyes

You know that feeling when you get something in your eye and you just can’t get it out? The same thing can happen to your dog. If one eye seems to be bothering him and is red or puffy, it could be that there is a foreign object in his eye.

There are drops sold online and at many pet supply stores that you can use to try and remove the irritant. Some choose to skip trying to remove the object and head right to the vet.

This is a good idea, but even if you do try to handle it at home, if you are not successful, you should visit a vet as further damage, such as a scratched cornea, could result.

Pink Eye

Another of the fairly common dog eye problems is pink eye, also called conjunctivitis. Symptoms are similar to what a human with pink eye would experience.

If your dog seems to be constantly trying to scratch or rub his eyes, this could be the cause as this conditions causes a lot of itching.

Your vet will be able to recommend treatment that may include eye drops and oral medication.


Cataracts are a condition in which the natural lens of the eye becomes increasingly cloudy. This will cause the dog’s vision to get worse and worse and, finally, he will lose his vision altogether.

There are some cutting edge surgeries that can help to slow the process and, in some cases, preserve the dog’s site. Keep in mind, however, that such surgeries are costly and they will not bring about the desired results for every dog.

Corneal Ulcer

A corneal ulcer is an injury to the eye that can be caused by a foreign object or by a scratch from another animal. If one of your dog’s eyes is producing a lot of tears and he has trouble keeping the eye open, then a corneal ulcer could be the cause.

This condition, as do most dog’s eye problems, requires immediate attention from a vet. Usually, the problem can be treated with no long term affects, but if left untreated other, longer lasting problems can result.

Hopefully, your pet will not experience any dog eye problems. If they do, however, knowing the symptoms will help you get them to a vet sooner which will give them the best chance for a positive outcome.

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