Grooming Yorkies

Yorkies are certainly gorgeous dogs, but that lovely coat comes at a bit of a cost as frequent grooming is required.

Unless you have some experience with grooming Yorkies, it is best to leave the bulk of the grooming chores to a professional.

Even though you use a professional for much of the Yorkie grooming, that does not mean that there will be nothing left for you to do. In fact, if you bring your Yorkie to a professional every five or six weeks, you will still need to trim and bathe the dog between visits.

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A question that is often asked in relation to grooming Yorkie’s is how often you should bathe the dog. There is no one answer that is right for every dog. Some owners leave the bathing to the groomer and choose not to bathe the dog in between visits.

While that might be ok for some Yorkies, it won’t work for all. In general – and forgive how blatantly obvious the next statement sounds – how often a dog needs to be bathed will depend on how dirty he gets.

If you allow dirt to remain in the coat that can cause matting and other problems that can be time consuming, painful and expensive to correct during your next visit to the groomer.

Make sure that you use products specifically for your dog’s type of coat. Do not use shampoo and other products intended for use on humans.

Before drying, it is a good idea to apply some sort of leave in conditioner that will help to eliminate tangles and make brushing the dog much easier.


If you bring your dog to a professional groomer, it is best to leave the nail trimming to them. If you trim down too far you can cut the quick of the nail which will cause pain, bleeding and could lead to infection.

If you do not bring your Yorkie for regular visits to a groomer then you will need to learn to handle the nail clipping yourself as it is not recommended to allow the nails to get too long.

There are products that are intended to stop any bleeding should you cut the quick, and it is a good idea to keep one of these products on hand in case of accidents.

Groomer Stress

For some Yorkies, a trip to the groomers is a stressful time, but it does not have to be this way. Because you know that frequent trips to a groomer are going to be part of your Yorkie’s life, getting them comfortable with the groomers should be part of their training from the time the dog is a puppy.

At first, you can bring him to the groomers and just put him on the tables. Let him get used the groomer handling him, without actually doing anything.

If the dog is comfortable with the groomers shop and with the person who will be doing the grooming, that will help to make the whole process less stressful.

Choosing a Groomer

When choosing a groomer for your Yorkie, it is best to find someone who has experience with the breed. Ask to see her portfolio and also call several clients for recommendations. Of course, you should also check the Better Business Bureau to see if the groomer has had any complaints lodged against her.

While grooming Yorkies requires a bit more care than some other breeds, they are well worth the effort. Just take the time to find a groomer who is familiar with the breed and your dog will be looking his best at all times.

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