Health For Dogs

As a responsible pet owner, part of your job is to make sure that you understand all about  maintaining optimum health for dogs. Some of the ways that this is accomplished are similar to how you keep yourself healthy.

Other important measures that first time pet owners must learn that are very important to help in the quest to keep their dog healthy are mentioned below.

Proper Diet

A proper diet is just as important for health for dogs as it is for good health for humans. If a dog eats junk food he will not be getting all of nutrients that he needs to be at his most healthy.

Feeding a high quality food with high quality ingredients is absolutely vital for the health of your pet. While other foods may be less expensive, the health of your pet could suffer as a result of eating such substandard fare.

If you are not sure which food is best for your particular dog, ask your vet for some advice.

It is also important not to over feed your dog. The same health complications that exist in overweight humans can occur in overweight dogs. These include heart problems and other serious health conditions.

Learn the correct amount you should be feeding your dog and carefully monitor his weight. If your dog is overweight, talk to your vet about feeding him a high quality weight control food until he is back down to his ideal weight.

Regular Exercise

Regular exercise will help to keep your dog at an ideal weight and will help to keep him strong and active. Dogs need to run and this is true more for some breeds than others.

If you do not have a large yard where your dog can get plenty of exercise, take him along for brisk walks or let him off-leash at a dog park several times a week.

Routine Shots

Most pet owners know the importance of routine shots yet many let their pet’s vaccinations fall behind. This is extremely dangerous for your pet. Some of the diseases that can be prevented through simple routine shots, such as rabies and hepatitis, can be fatal and treatment can cost thousands of dollars.

Other Forms of Prevention

Other forms of prevention that are important for health for dogs include heartworm prevention and flea prevention. Heartworms kill many of the dogs that they infect. Fleas can also cause medical complications such as infections.

Preventive products can help ensure your pet is not affected by either of these parasites.

Regular Vet Visits

Just as humans should have an annual physical exam, so should pets. This exam is typically conducted at the same time that the dog gets his yearly vaccines. Such exams can help to catch any health problems early, making treatment more likely to be successful.


A discussion of health for dogs should include a mention of their mental and emotional health. Dogs are social creatures and they need attention and love from their owners in order to be healthy and happy.

Take time each day to play and snuggle with your dog. Toss a ball around or let him snuggle with you on the couch. Such gestures will go a long way for the mental health of your pet.

Taking time to learn about health for dogs will help you to be best possible guardian of your own dog’s medical welfare. Do all you can to keep him healthy and he will be a loyal friend for many years.

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