How To Stop Dog Eating Poop

If you have been around dogs long enough you will eventually find yourself in a position where you will have to learn how to stop dog eating poop. I hope you find some useful advice in this article.

Many dog owners have glanced across the lawn just in time to catch their furry friend happily eating what he – or another dog – recently deposited on the grass. There are some things that you can try to curb this behavior, but first here are a few of the reasons that some dogs do this.

They are Hungry

If your dog is not being fed the proper amount of nutritious food, this is one reason he would eat poop. If your dog is underweight, and he quickly eats all of the food that you put down, you may not be feeding him enough or the food may not contain the proper nutrients.

They are Cleaning Up

Some dogs just like the place that they play to be kept clean. If you don’t regularly clean up the feces from around the yard, the dog just might give you a hand with that task! Since he doesn’t have access to a pooper scooper, the best he can do is to eat it.

They are Trying Not to Get in Trouble

If your dog has been punished for going to the bathroom in the house, he may be eating his own poop to avoid getting in trouble.

Medical Issues

Some dogs eat poop because they have a medical condition, such as worms, that is depleting their bodies of what they need. They try to recoup some of what they lack by eating poop.

Why Not?

Yes, some dogs just eat poop because it’s there. There may be no underlying reason for the behavior other than he likes it.

Here are some things you can try in order to stop this behavior.

Feed Proper Amounts

Most dog food cans and bags have a listing on the side about how much a dog should be fed each day. If you are unsure, or feel your dog is still underweight, talk to your vet about how much food you should be giving.

If you normally feed your dog only once a day, try breaking the food up into two or three smaller meals throughout the day.

Try a Different Brand of Food

Not all dog food is created equal. The fact is that some of the less expensive brands simply to do not supply all of the nutrition that your dog requires. Learn how to read a pet food label and then make sure that the brand you are feeding your dog is giving him all he needs.

Your vet can provide advice about various types and brands of dog food, but if you learn to read the labels, you’ll be able to make wise decisions on your own.

Keep Yard Clean

Pick up all waste from your yard each day. If the dog is eating poop in an attempt to clean up, this will stop the behavior. Also, some locations have regulations that state owners must clean up pet waste each day or they could face a fine.

Keeping the yard free of pet waste is a healthy choice and may be a simple answer to how to stop dog eating poop.

Check with Your Vet

If your best attempts to curb this behavior fail, a visit to your vet may be in order. He will be able to rule out any possible medical conditions that could be causing your dog to engage in this behavior.

How to stop a dog eating poop often has a simple solution. Of course, as mentioned above, some dogs just like it. If that’s the case, you may have to just practice prevention, and keep him away from that which tempts him.

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