How To Train A Beagle

Beagles are consistently among the most popular breed of dogs.  It’s easy to see why.  They are small and loyal, easy to groom and generally have a pretty laid back personality. When learning how to train a beagle, however, owners quickly learn one of the perhaps less desirable traits: stubbornness.

That’s not to say that beagles cannot be trained. But owners should keep in mind that patience may be the order of the day as beagles may require a bit more time to learn who is really in control and to submit to that authority.

Beagles tend to respond well when the training is food and reward based rather than based on the punishment of undesirable behavior.  This is not unique to beagles as most dogs respond better to rewards than to punishments.

Below are some options for how to train a beagle. 

DIY Training

Some beagle owners decide to give “do it yourself” training a try. If this is the path you have chosen, it is a good idea to find some good books on how to properly train a dog.  If you use incorrect training methods, you’ll be in trouble down the road.

That’s because it is much easier to properly train a dog the first time around instead of having to undo bad training and then replace it with proper training.

It’s not that training is necessarily difficult, but many are not aware of proper techniques and this can be troublesome in the long run. 

Obedience School

Beagles make GREAT candidates for obedience school.  One reason that these classes are perfect for beagles is that they are easily distracted. Does that sound like a contradiction? It’s not. The reason is that because beagles are so easily distracted they need to learn to obey your voice and commands even in a place where there are lots of other interesting things going on.

An obedience school, full of new people and other dogs, is the perfect place to perfect this.

Additionally, the class leader will be able to work with you and your dog to make sure you are using proper techniques and that you are positioning yourself as the pack leader.

Professional Trainer

Another option for how to train a beagle is to hire a professional dog trainer to work one on one with you and your dog. There are pros and cons to this choice. First, it is much more expensive to hire a trainer than it is to attend an obedience class where much of the information you get is likely to be the same.

Also, the ability to perfect the beagle’s obedience amidst distractions is not as great with a one on one trainer.

On the plus side, the trainer will be able to focus specifically on the needs of your dog. If your dog is having trouble in class, it will be more difficult for the instructor to focus on you while the rest of the class moves ahead.

Training a beagle might be a challenge, but with the correct methods, a few treats and a lot of patience, your pet will be the best trained beagle on the block.

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