Puppy House Training

You just could not help yourself could you.  You had to have him.  He/she is the cutest little thing that you have ever seen.  And now that you have this pretty little pup you need some tips for puppy house training.  Well, here ya go.

 Things You Have Probably Noticed

 He is going potty everywhere.  The chair in the kitchen has chew marks on it.  He has one of your socks, the newspaper is torn up, he may have just drawn a little blood on your finger, and I am sure that you know by now that the list could just go on and on.

 Potty Training Tips

 Your puppy is going to have some accidents in the house and that’s all there is to it, but you must keep a cool head.  Don’t get mad at the puppy or your family.  Everything is going to turn out alright. 

One of the tips for puppy house training is about a half an hour after your puppy eats and drinks, he is going to have to relieve himself.  Try to get the pup outside sometime within this time frame.

 Get On A Schedule

 Try to get on some sort of schedule.  Try to feed him at the same time every day.  Repetition is very important to speed up the learning process.  When the puppy wakes up from his nap, he is going to have to go.   He is not going to be able to hold it long enough for you to wait for a commercial.  If you want to get him potty trained, you need to get him out now.

Let Me Out!

 Another one of the tips for puppy house training is the whining.  If you have been pretty faithful about taking him out after he eats and again after he sleeps, he will begin to whine when he has to potty.  Again, as much as you don’t want to, take him out. By this point in the program you will be pretty close to having him potty trained.  Just stay alert and committed to taking him out and you should be about there.

 Stop The Chewing

 A few more tips for puppy house training.  Your puppy is going to want to chew on just about anything it can find.  This is natural playing behavior for them.  When he begins gnawing on your pant leg, put a stop to it. 

Some people will let this one slide for awhile but not you.  In a loud voice say AHHH, or ENOUGH or some other one syllable word along those lines, and then tap the puppy on the nose.

By using the AHHH or ENOUGH word with authority every time you want to stop your puppy from a bad behavior, it won’t be long and you won’t have to scold him anymore. Make sure you pick just one word to use and use that same word anytime you want him to stop the pup doing something bad.

 Obedience Training

 The last of the tips for puppy house training in this article is obedience training.  Just teaching your puppy the basic commands of sit, down, stay, and come will change your world. 

Every puppy and dog should know these commands.  Once they know them, there will be harmony around the house.  Until the next time you say to your self,” I had to have him; he’s the cutest puppy I have ever seen.”

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