Training Border Collies

Training border collies for obedience, herding or agility can be summed up in four words. It is a blast.

The one thing that holds true and that you have no doubt read in just about every other article that you have ever seen when it comes to border collies is they really do need a job. But you know what, that same thing can be said about every other breed of dog. They all need something to do.

What makes training border collies easier than most all other breeds is there focus and drive. When it comes to dog obedience training for example, there unbelievable focus is what allows them to move along in their training at a much faster pace than most breeds.

That unbelievable focus and drive is also what puts them in the top three breeds when it comes to bringing home the trophy at whatever obedience trial that they enter.

When it comes to herding it is that focus and drive that allows them to be able to do a job that requires 5 or 6 men to do.

And of course when it comes to agility there is not much more that can be said but the majority of agility trials that I have ever seen the Border collie normally comes out on top.

If you just want to train your dog at home, then find yourself a good training guide. Whether it is an eBook, DVD, a download on your computer or a book from a bookstore, most good dog training guides will work for training border collies.

If you are leaning towards getting into the competitive field and by that I am referring to dog obedience trials, herding trials, agility trials or some of the other many types of dog sports then you should probably think about finding a good dog training class or instructor.

There is also nothing wrong with beginning your training at home and then at a later date, finding yourself an instructor in the field of your choice.

You know another great thing about Border collies is that they do have a little bit of an ego. They would love it if you trained them to do something so that they would be able to show off in front of your friends. They can make just about everything look sooooo easy.

Now as I said at the beginning, training Border collies is fun and they do learn rather quickly and easily but without daily training or at least a few days a week they will be just like every other dog out there that does not have an understanding of at least the basics of obedience training.

They will not be as much fun to be around and they will bring some sort of chaos into your life and believe you me, with the type of drive that Border collies have it could quite possibly feel like a whole lot of chaos.

Training Border collies is like training any other breed of dog. All that is required is some sort of training program, patience and commitment. Take some sort of action today. The sooner that you get started the sooner you will be showing off to your friends and neighbors.

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