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Welcome to our dog training tips website. You may not agree with everything that you read here but please keep in mind that it is just another opinion. The most important thing that I would like you to take from this website or any other website, article, book or tape is to never stop learning.

Generally speaking, there are two ways to train a dog or get them to do what you want. The first is through the use of force or punishment.  The second method and the one that I and many other experts out there prefer is  positive dog training (praise and treats).

Force or punishment can instill fear in your dog which, in turn can lead to aggression and other dog behavior problems.

It is my opinion that force or punishment as a training method is just not very effective as the dog needs to learn correct behavior as much as he needs to learn what you consider inappropriate behavior.

Positive dog training puts the spotlight on the things your dog does right, and it is the most effective way to train your dog.  Positive dog training is really quite simple and can be broken down to include just two techniques: ignoring bad behavior and rewarding good behavior.

There are many situations in which you should ignore bad behavior.  Of course, this doesn’t apply to every situation, but for training in many areas, such as whining, barking and begging, ignoring the bad behavior is very effective.

Ignore Bad Behavior

Many pet owners make the mistake of unintentionally rewarding bad behavior.  For example, your dog jumps all over when you walk in the door, so you pet him and talk to him.  After all, you’re as happy to see him at the end of a long day as he is to see you.  The problem is that now your dog associates jumping with getting attention.

Even if you yell at a dog (which you should never do, by the way) some dogs may still think that is positive. To many dogs any attention is good attention.

What you need to do instead is ignore the bad behavior. Of course, you can still say “NO” when your dog is misbehaving.  But you should say “NO” and then move on.

Are you trying to train your dog not to bark or whine? Then don’t keep talking to him when he is barking or whining.  Just completely ignore him when he is making noise.  As soon as he quiets down, pay attention to him. He will begin to associate being quiet with getting what he wants.

If the dog jumps on you when you walk through the door, simply cross your arms and turn away from the dog.  Say “sit”, and if he complies THEN pet him.  If he does not, simply walk away.

Reward Good Behavior

When your dog does something right, such as obeying a command, going to the bathroom outside or waiting patiently for you to let him out of his crate, go overboard with the praise.  Do whatever you can to make it well worth your dog’s while to behave.

By rewarding good behavior, you are doing more than just teaching him what he should NOT do.  You are also using positive dog training to show him what he SHOULD do.

Another problem with punishing your dog is that they often have no idea what the punishment is all about.  This isn’t to say that you should never let your dog know when his behavior is inappropriate, but there are many times when ignoring the bad behavior is the way to go.

Positive dog training teaches your dog self-confidence and helps to build a bond of trust between the owner and their pet.  Practice positive training, and see just how quickly you get the results you desire.  It will be shocking.

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